CURIOUS: Reality TV of Caltech Researchers

Documentary Focuses on Caltech Researchers

This is a two-hour show based on following around several Caltech researchers for a year as they did their research…

Interviewees include Mark Davis, who is involved in clinical trials on a low-side-effect alternative to chemotherapy; Lynn Paul, who studies how learning and personality are affected in the rare situations when the two hemispheres of the brain aren’t connected; Nate Lewis and Sossina Haile, who are trying to find a practical way to harness the energy of the sun and reduce our reliance on oil; Michael Dickinson, who studies how flies fly, which might one day lead to the creation of safer airplanes; Steve Quartz and Colin Camerer, who use fMRI to study how emotion and reason do battle in the brain during moral and economic decision making; Richard Murray, who is creating a car that can drive itself; and JPL researchers who create robots to explore other planets and discuss how robots might one day surpass humans in intelligence.”

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