Moving beyond antibiotics

Bacteria, Interrupted: Moving Beyond AntibioticsThis article discusses a new approach being investigated at Caltech to fight drug-resistant bacteria (like MRSA) without using antibiotics. Why does this matter?

Anually, over 90,000 people in the US or 32 per 1000 are infected with antibiotic drug resistant strains of bacteria (‘Superbug’ Poses Threat). It seems now more people die from a hospital-acquired form of drug resistant bacteria called MRSA than AIDS (More U.S. Deaths From MRSA Than AIDS) — 18,000 versus 16,000.

While the researchers, health care, and drug companies figure a way out of this there are a few things we can do to prevent infection from these strains…

“Wash your hands and don’t shave your legs: advice to avoid infection” in the Wall Street Journal

“Drug Resistant Staph: What you need to know” in the New York Times

In this op-ed in the Wall Street Journal, a doctor and former FDA official is calling for increased efforts to detect and defeat the drug-resistant strains of bacteria before it becomes an epidemic (“Attack of the Superbugs”).

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